Biography of Barry Wilderman


Barry Wilderman has over 30 years of experience as an industry analyst, researcher and consultant. He is a highly regarded public speaker, and has spoken at numerous business events around the world. He is well known for his work on value-driven technology solutions – how do enterprise vendors provide real value to their customers?

For many years, Barry’s work has been focused on the key questions around enterprise business applications and their value:

  • How can companies improve their overall profitability and value proposition by deploying enterprise solutions – enterprise performance management, business intelligence, and process-centered applications?
  • How can enterprise vendors help companies achieve quantifiable benefits at manageable cost?
  • How can enterprise vendors and companies work together to ensure that value is delivered through implementation and after go-live?

Barry’s approach to research and consulting has been shaped by a number of critical job experiences:

At META Group, Barry managed a team of enterprise application analysts focused on issues of selecting software, selecting the best consulting firm(s), implementation strategy and success factors beyond the go-live date.  This work spanned numerous industries and horizontal disciplines. His clients were both enterprise vendors and companies implementing enterprise software.

At Lawson Software, Barry was able to apply a great deal of the META research in the practical world of an enterprise vendor.  He coordinated a series of studies around Lawson’s Business Intelligence and financial solutions. He also managed a team of value consultants who helped companies model their pain points and translate those pain points into quantifiable benefits.

Early in Barry’s career, he worked at McKinsey and Company, where he managed an analytic services group, working on delivering value in client engagements. Barry also worked for Information Builders, where he helped shape its approach to third party application delivery and artificial intelligence.

Barry holds a BS from City College of New York and MS Degrees from Brown University and New York University.