Our service offerings to companies using or buying Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software include:

Creating the Foundation for EPM and BI

Prior to selecting new applications, we will help clients evaluate their current IT backbone, business intelligence architecture and EPM solutions.  We will then work with the client to create an “ideal set” of new solutions.

Deliverables:  Inventory of current architecture and proposed solutions

Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development

We will collaborate with our client to produce two important documents.  The first document is about strategy.  We need to document how this new system will improve the finance and strategy functions.  Next, we need to create a business plan highlighting the costs and value of the project.

Deliverables:  Collaboration on development of the overall EPM/BI strategy, and then a more detailed document showing value delivery, costs and timing

Guiding the Selection and Purchase of the Enterprise Software Package(s)

Our hope is to “level the playing field” for companies buying Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software.  Software vendors have negotiated contracts thousands of times; companies perhaps once or twice.  We will provide a detailed project plan to guide clients in the selection of new EPM and BI solutions.  We will collaborate with the client to document the steps and outcomes.  We are also prepared to help with negotiating terms and conditions.

Deliverables:  Detailed project plan for software selection.  Interactive participation in the software selection process

Guiding the Selection of Implementation Service

Selecting the right consulting firm (and the team leaders from the consulting firm) can help make or break a project.  We will provide a project plan to help the client select consulting services.  We can also assist in pricing negotiations.

Deliverables:  Detailed project plan for selecting consulting firms.  Interactive participation in the selection process