Our service offerings to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software vendors include:

Strategy and Competitive analysis

With respect to EPM/BI applications, technology, consulting, support and partnerships, we will help our vendor clients formulate product/market strategy.  We will also perform competitive analyses.  In all cases, we will deliver detailed reports of our findings and recommendations.

Analysis of Value Delivered

From the very first sales call until five years (and more) after the customer has gone live, the customer must understand the value proposition and achieve it.  We will help coach our vendor clients to continually improve value delivery, and report on the results.

 “Nobody does it better”

Enterprise vendors should exploit marketing campaigns around unique capabilities.  We will help EPM/BI vendors identify these unique capabilities, and create material to help the vendor exploit its competitive advantages.  Targeted surveys are particularly useful in this regard.

ROI/TCO Analysis

We have done extensive ROI/TCO work in the past.  We will survey the vendor’s customer base, and produce a report containing detailed ROI/TCO analysis.  Coming from an objective third party, these results will have considerable value in the field.

Reaching a Broader Audience

We offer additional services consisting of white papers, webinars, public speeches, etc.